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We offer real estate consulting services to home buyers, sellers, and investors. Our consultants can show you creative real estate solutions to help assist you with selling a house, buying a house, real estate investments, owner financing, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, property tax disputes, market valuations, asset management and much more.

Ours clients gain a great deal of flexibility when choosing only the services they need help with to complete their real estate transaction. If a home owner or real estate investor that is looking to sell their property believes they're capable of taking over some of the tasks associated with property showings, listings, contract negotiation, title services, escrow, contracts, appraisals or anything else, You can elect to pay our real estate consultant a fee only for the specific services you need assistance with to complete the transaction. 

Our highly skilled real estate consultants can help private homeowners prepare to market their property (FOR SALE BY OWNER) by determining the value of the property, an educating private homeowners on the real estate contracts, agreements, memorandums, addendum, power of attorney, title & escrow, closings, legal services and much more.

Our unique PLATFORM and STRONG NETWORK of Home Sellers, Buyers, and Investors is growing at a rapid pace, so book a hassle free consultation TODAY! 


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